About Us

The Film Festival Seize this Day with Me! includes screenings of foreign and domestic films on the topic of “The lives, activities and achievements of people with disabilities” and the following programs: film workshops, forums/discussions with the filmmakers and actors who appear the films, a seminar for journalists and students of journalism, exhibitions, performances, etc... in which people with disabilities participate. An important part of the Festival is the Film caravan which includes: announcing the guests of the festival, promoting the festival, and post-production.

The festival is international in character, and has taken place since 2003, with the goals of: informing the public about the lives, activities, positions, and accomplishments of people with disabilities, recognizing one’s own identity and potential, facilitating a better understanding and acceptance of differences, and influencing the media to more adequately follow activities and events in which people with disabilities participate. 

During 2003, the Festival was dedicated to the observance of the European year of people with disabilities.  In 2004 – The year of youth education through sports in Europe – the Festival was dedicated to athletes with disabilities, with emphasis on the Paralympics Games. In 2005 and 2006, focus was placed on the activities and achievements of artists with disabilities.  During 2007, the Festival observed the European year of equal opportunities for all, while in 2008, the theme was inspired by the European year of intercultural dialogue. In 2009, the Festival was dedicated to the European year of creativity and innovation among young people with disabilities.  This year (2010) we will mark the European year of inclusion.

The Film Festival has, is in its eight years of existence, attracted the attention of numerous media outlets, and, as a topic, it has had an everyday presence in both printed and electronic media.  Considering the large number of visitors (nearly 5000), interesting films, provocative topics, interactive program, discussions, unique exhibitions, educational seminars and performances in which people with disabilities participate, both participants in, and visitors to the Film Festival recognize the value of this project and join in the project team and activities in ever increasing numbers.  An international character, which has been apparent from the very beginning, as well as the support of municipal, provincial, and federal authorities, in addition to that of numerous private and public organizations, contributes to the size of the festival, and the experiences and inclusion of people with disabilities are of immeasurable significance to their personal development and promotion, as well as that of all the visitors to the project’s activities.       

The organizers of the Film Festival are ONO – Youth Non-Governmental Organization and the Organisation CAO “Parnas” from Novi Sad in cooperation with numerous partner organizations from throughout Serbia.
The International Film Festival Seize this Day with Me! was entered into the records pertaining to intellectual property and related rights at the Institute for Intellectual Property on October 28, 2008, item #3998, at the request of originator of the Festival Mrs. Ljiljana Žižić. Application #A-608/08.