Seize this Day with Me! 01 - 2003

Uhvati sa mnom ovaj dan 01 - 2003The first International Film Festival Seize this Day with Me! was heldfrom November 10-14th 2003 at the facilities of the Association of Students with Disability Novi Sad, and the Center “Living Upright” in Novi Sad with the support of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, and the Students’ Cultural Center of Novi Sad, with the sponsorship of the Provincial Secretariat of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

During the Festival, five films on the topic of the lives, activities, and achievements of people with disabilities were shown.  In addition a presentation (parts of a theater performance) took place, as did three forums with both local and foreign guests. The program drew nearly 500 visitors.

Guests of the Festival were: students from three schools from Novi Sad (Ivo Lola Ribar, Petefi Sandor, and Milan Petrović), professors from the Faculty of Human Sciences and Faculty of Medicine at the University of Novi Sad, members of the Theater Forum of East Sarajevo and Chamber Music Theatre “Ogledalo”. Afterwards, Mrs. Vera Knežević (Deputy Minister of Social Policy), and Mr. Predrag Vukasović (president of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Belgrade).

The official beverage of the festival was Rosa water.


The first Film Festival dedicated to the lives, activities and achievements of people with disabilities have officially opened Mrs. Ljiljana Cumura, coordinator and Mrs. Tatiana Stojšić-Petkovic, assistant coordinator in the cinema hall of the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad.

Film program:

10th November
Director: Randa Haines
Cast: William Hurt, Marlee Matlin, Piper Laurie, Philip Prosco

11th November
Director: Allan A. Goldstein
Cast: Michael Ironside, Rae Dawn, Chong, Brad Dourif, Bruce Glover

12th November
Director: Jim Sheridan
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker

13th November
I AM SEM (2001)
Director: Jessie Nelson
Cast: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, Diane West

14th November
On Friday are shown two screenings.

THE PURPOSE, documentary film
Screenplay: Alexandra Mitrić
Camera and Direction: Vitomir Mitrić
Sound design: Goran Štifanić and Aleksandar Perisic
Editor: Ljubomir Milovanov
Produced by Forum Theatre S. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Film The purpose (“Do cilja”) was made from the material of the workshop “The light of life”. It was made with people with disabilities (mental disabilities) from Social Centre Vitković - Gorazde in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and deals with the issue both through expression of their desire to reach the goal. Participants tried to reach the answers through play, movement, joy. “The road to the future through the present” was their motto, and present of them was the film.

The second projection was recording parts of the theatrical play “GATKA” made by members of the Chamber Music Theatre “Ogledalo” with pupils from Milan Petrovic School in Novi Sad.

Additional Program

Three forums were held under the auspices of the Film festival. At these forums, we wanted to offer visitors the opportunity to openly discuss all the dilemmas and issues connected either to the film they had seen or to the lives of people with disabilities in general.

A panel discussion called “Communication and Body Language” took place on Monday, November 10th.  The forum’s theme built upon issues presented in the film – body language, sign language used by those who have a hearing impairment, verbal and non-verbal communication, the advantage of signing, the role of signing in socialization, the role of the interpreter, the dilemma – to sign or not to sign, the purpose and kinds of signs, sign language as the language of the environment, the use of sign language in art, stage movement, pantomime and body language, and experiences working with people with hearing impairments.
Panelists were:
- Mrs. Milica Bracić, M.A. (Serbian Language and Literature), project coordinator at the I Want to Tell You! School of Sign Language.
- Mrs. Svetlana Nešić, psychology student and coordinator of the I Want to Tell You! School of Sign Language.
- Mr. Ivica Klemec, professor at the Academy of Art - Department of Drama in Belgrade and Novi Sad (subject – stage movement), also a pantomimist who works with a group of hearing-impaired young people).
On Wednesday, November 12th, a panel discussion called: “Christy Brown: Childhood, Women, People” took place.  The discussion centered on Brown’s life and work, his childhood, way of life, social environment, the acceptance/rejection of his surroundings and family, and the people who passed through his life. In addition, the initial version of a translation of My Left Foot in our country (translated by Mrs. Milica Ružičić) was presented.  Building upon the story of Christy Brown, the results of a research project conducted by the “Living Upright Center” titled “Social Distance among the Population of Novi Sad” were also shown.
Panelists were:
- Mrs. Milica Mima Ružičić, Professor of Serbian Language and Literature
- Dr. Ljiljana Pešikan-Ljuštanović, Assistant Professor at the Department of Serbian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, and reviewer of the translation of My Left Foot.
- Mrs. Božana Injac, psychologist and researcher behind the “Social Distance among the Population of Novi Sad” project.

On Friday, November 14th, a panel discussion titled “Theater in Motion” was held. Topics discussed included the films which had been screened, as well as the possibilities for, and demands of, working with people with disabilities in the realms of art, film, and theater.  Those present had the opportunity to find out more about the creation of the film Toward the Goal, and the theatrical performance Fable.
Panelists were:
- Mr. Vitomir Mitrić, film director and president of the “Forum Theater” from East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
- Mrs. Jarmila Žilaji, drama teacher, director of the Center for the Affirmation of Drama
- Mr. Saša Asentić, Mrs. Ivana Inđin, Mrs. Nataša Murge, members of the “Ogledalo” Chamber Music Theater

A sign language interpreter (Mrs. Ivana Marković) was present at all of the panel discussions.