Seize this Day with Me! 05 - 2007

Uhvati sa mnom ovaj dan 05 - 2007.The fifth annual Seize this Day with Me!  International Film Festival took place between October 31st till November 4th 2007.  Dedicated to lives, activities, and accomplishments of people with disabilities, the festival drew its inspiration from the European year of equal opportunities for all, and was organized by by the Association of Students with Disability Novi Sad, and with the cooperation of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad and the Students’ Cultural Center of Novi Sad.

An open competition for entry into the Film Festival was announced at the beginning of the year.  In addition to entries from Serbia (which came from Sombor, Niš, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Aleksandrovac and Čenej), there were films from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, and Great Britain.  14 documentary films were shown (both foreign and domestic productions), in the main program. Four forums were held (i.e. discussions), as well as four workshops on the topic of “Basic film language”. A subsequent program included an exhibition of photographs – a retrospective of the four previous film festivals and an exhibition of artistic shoes by Mr. Zoltán Varga, a member of  Chamber Music Theatre „Ogledalo“ and the Academy of Independent Studies who is also an artist with a disability.

Mrs. Ljiljana Ćumura Žižić (festival coordinator), Mr. Đorđe Kaćanski (editor of the Film Department at the Cultural Center) and Mrs. Tijana Pavlov (Deputy Chief of the City’s Department of Culture) official opened the fifth International Film Festival on Wednesday October 31st. HOW I SEE YOU, a film by Mrs. Žaklina Žoldoš (Serbia, 2005) produced by Radio 021 – Novi Sad was shown as an introduction. The film is full of facts from an investigation about the social distance of the population of Novi Sad from people with disabilities. It also provides a glimpse from the campaign and forums that followed the investigation. This film had already been shown at a prior film festival, but we felt it would be an excellent introduction to the story of the life of someone with a disability while at the same time contributing to a better understanding of the environment in which we live. The film did not compete as part of the main program.

This year, as in previous years, we organized visits to festival film screenings and subsequent programs. In cooperation with the Novi Sad Center for Regionalism, we organized visits for children from Kosovo and Metohija (students from an elementary school for special education).  In addition we also welcomed representatives from the Association for Support of children with mental disabilities from Novi Sad.

With the support of the City Novi Sad - Department of Culture, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and the Provincial Secretariat of Sports and Youth, media outlets such as TV Vojvodina, TV Apollo, Građanski list, Radio Sajam, Radio 5, Radio Signal, Radio 021, Channel 9, and TV Most, the Festival made a contribution to local, municipal, and federal authorities as well as media in that they were informed about the obstacles which are prohibitive to the participation of people with disabilities in society, and, we hope, motivated to work together with other organizations to abolish those obstacles, be they physical, socio-economic, cultural, stemming from attitudes towards communication etc.  We believe that the Film Festival itself is one of the ways to raise public awareness of the activities and achievements of people with disabilities, and subsequently the position of and ways in which people with disabilities function. An increased public awareness should influence media to more adequately report on activities and cultural events in which people with disabilities participate.

Film program

The fifth Seize this Day with Me! Film Festival – dedicated to the lives, activities, and accomplishments of people with disabilities – was officially opened by Đorđe Kaćanski (editor of the Film Department at the Cultural Center of Novi Sad), Tijana Pavlov (the City of Novi Sad Department of Education and Culture), and Ljiljana Ćumura (project coordinator). The opening was followed by a screening of the film How I See You by Žakline Žoldoš (Novi Sad, 021 Television).

November 1st 

Director: Aleksandra Pejić
Serbia, Aleksandrovac

Director: Nikola Vučković
Serbia, Novi Sad, 2005

Director: Saša Djukić
Serbia, Čenej, 2007

November 2nd 

Director: Dejan Petrović
Serbia, Beograd

Director: Branislav Medaković
Serbia, Novi Sad

Directors: Slaven Cetković, Mihajlo Obrenov
Serbia, Novi Sad, 2007

November 3rd
Director: Mariana Ekonomu
Greece, Athenes

Director: Nik Devhurst
Great Britain, Hertfordshire

Director: Vitomir Mitrić
Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo

Directors: Aleksandra Mitrić Štifanić, Vitomir Mitrić
Bosnia and Hercegovina, Sarajevo

November 4th
Echoes of the Project – Difference as Beauty – A Step Further towards Art
Directors: Danijela Gvozdenović, Gordana Dedić
Serbia, Belgrade

Director: Toma Bibić
Serbia, Niš

Director: Dejan Petrović
Serbia, Belgrade

Directors: Marinela Šćepanović, Eva Hekli Šarkezi
Serbia, Sombor, 2006


Award-winning films from the fifth Seize this Day with Me! Film Festival were shown during the festival’s post-production phase. During the FILM CARAVAN, these same films were shown in Novi Sad’s high schools, and again in December at the EURO IN Festival of Independent and Documentary Film in Novi Sad, and as part of the A Healthy Soul in Every Body Festival in Bačka Palanka.

Additional program


During the weekend of November 3-4, a workshop called “The Basics of Cinematic Language” took place. The following topics were covered: dramaturgy, camera, editing, sound, music, scenography, costume design, film language, etc…Thirteen people (including four with disabilities) took part in the workshop, which gave them the opportunity to notice the rules of, and master the technical/esthetic segments of film. The theoretical knowledge which participants acquired was enhanced by simple exercises using a camera. The workshop was led by Dejan Petrović, a film director and assistant professor at the “Sava Mrmak” Department of Television Direction at the “BK” Academy of the Arts in Belgrade. Mr. Petrović is also the founder and director of the Filmart Independent Film Center in Požega.

Four roundtables (discussions the makers of, and actors in the films) took place under the auspices of the Film festival. These discussions were led by members of and volunteers from the Association of Students with Disability at the University of Novi Sad.

November 1st
Guests of round table:
Aleksandra Pejić, Aleksandrovac
Saša Djukić, Čenej
Zoltan Varga, Novi Sad

November 2nd
Guests of round table:
Dejan Petrović, Požega
Branislav Medaković, Novi Sad
Slaven Ćetković, Novi Sad
Bojan Kuzmanović, Novi Sad

November 3rd
Guests of round table:
Vitomir Mitrić, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Jelena Popović, Novi Sad

November 4th
Guests of round table:
Danijela Gvozdenović, Beograd
Gordana Dedić, Beograd
Toma Bibić, Niš
Marinela Šćepanović, Sombor

A sign language interpreter (Ivana Marković) was present at all panel discussions.


Additional program activities took place in the atrium of the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. Two exhibitions were on display: an exhibition of photographs – a retrospective of the four previous Film festivals, and an exhibition of artistic shoes by Zoltán Varga, a member of the “Ogledalo” Chamber Music Theater, and the Academy of Independent Studies who is also an artist with a disability.