Tijana Petrović, Užice (Disability)
Tijana Petrovic I was born in 1985 in Užice, where I attended elementary school and am currently living with my parents. I am a person with a disability (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), and I use a wheelchair.  I have been an active member of the Regional Muscular Dystrophy Association of Zlatibor since 2005, where I have been employed in public relations, and, since September 2007, as coordinator of the Info Center for people with disabilities. I am the administrator of two websites: the Regional Muscular Dystrophy Association of Zlatibor, www.udnadlanu.com, and the Užice Organization for People with Disabilities, www.osi-uzice.rs. Through its everyday activities and programs (as well as those of its contributors), the association offers people with disabilities support in realizing their legal rights, improving their quality of life, and integrating into their local communities. I have attended numerous seminars on public advocacy, teamwork, networking, communication skills, strategic planning, interdepartmental cooperation, etc...

Dejan Petrović, Požega (Film)
Dejan Petrovic Born in Užice in 1974, Dejan graduated from Teacher's College, then with a degree in Television Direction from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. He has directed full-length and short feature films as well as television shows, commercials, and music videos and has won several national and international awards (The Golden Knight, etc...). Dejan Petrovic has been employed at the Sava Mrmak Department of Television Direction at the Academy of Arts since 2003, and is currently an assistant professor of Documentary Film. In addition, he is the founder of and director of the Filmart Center for Independent Film, where he has hosted Interakcija, an international film students' camp, since 2006.

Lidija Radulović, Belgrade (Media)
Lidija Radulovic I was born half a century ago in Macedonia. I graduated from high school, and then the Faculty of Political Science, having majored in Journalism; I was an excellent pupil and university student (when it came to studying for exams). I have been involved in journalism for the last 30 years (magazines, newspapers, Radio Belgrade, Belgrade TV Program, Dnevnik TV, diaspora programs...). If you were to put everything I have written into a pile, you would have several (good, of course) books. Most of all, I love doing reports about Milica, a girl with poor vision who is now an outstanding physical therapist, children with autism, children living in poverty, orphans, and especially covering events benefiting children with cancer. In any case, I am a friend (first and foremost in spirit) to all those members of so-called vulnerable groups... I love and respect them, and rejoice at every opportunity to meet them.