Open call for movies

Film Event “Seize this Day with Me!” invite you to apply on Open Call for movies related to the topic of “Life, activities and achievements of people with disability”. Application form is available here. Deadline for sending the movie is August 1st 2011.

Film Caravan in Backa Palanka

On Thursday, December 9th, in Blue Hall of Gimnasium "October 20th" in Backa Palanka, an interesting presentation titled (Re)defining Disability was given by David J. Ratcliff from the United States.
The presentation focused on the life and work of Kyle Maynard, who was born with congenital amputation of both arms and legs. Despite this, Kyle was an accomplished high-school wrestler, and the first congenital amputee to compete in mixed martial arts. He is also an author and motivational speaker. In addition to the opportunity to hear about Kyle's life and work, those in attendance had the chance to talk to the moderator (who is also a person with a disability), and share their personal experiences.

This presentation was a part of Film Festival's post-production.

Film Caravan in Novi Sad

Filmski karavan - Novi Sad On Monday, 6 December, in observance of the European Year of Inclusion, and as part of the Seize This Day with Me! film caravan, a movie night was held at the American Corner in Novi Sad. After a screening of Filip Čolović's award-winning film Look Away, a roundtable discussion on discrimination took place.
Two days later, on Wednesday, 8 December (also at the American Corner in Novi Sad), a screening of Sabrina Begović's (Sarajevo) film, Sunny Children, winner of the Best Portrayal of Inclusion Award was held. A roundtable discussion on the topic of “Disability and Ethics” with attendees of the American Corner's conversation club ensued. Among other topics, the question of whether or not aborting a fetus with a disability amounts to euthanasia was raised.

Film Caravan in Tovariševo

Filmski karavan u Tovarisevu In observance of the International Day of Tolerance (17 November), activists from the Youth Club of Bačka Palanka (in cooperation with the Seize This Day with Me! festival team) held a public forum in Tovariševo at Mileta Protić Elementary School. The forum included discussions with students, exchanging experiences, and passing out flyers about the positions, lives, and activities of, as well as ways of communicating with, people with disabilities. The goal was to promote inclusive education and tolerance of differences, while lessening discriminatory behavior, prejudice, and violence among peers. 

Film Caravan in Bačka Palanka

Filmski karavan u Bačkoj PalanciOn Friday, 12 November, in observance of the European Year of Inclusion, the film caravan stopped at Desanka Maksimović Elementary School in Bačka Palanka. Members of the student parliament had the opportunity to see films from the Seize This Day with Me! Film Festival, find out more about the I'm Looking for a Certain Family and Youth Work Academy  projects, and join in a discussion led by Ljiljana Žižić (on behalf of the project team), Mirjana Radaković (the Center for Social Work), and Stefan Bognar (Youth Club of Bačka Palanka).  Students received copies of the informational flyer How to Approach a Person with a Disability. During the discussion, attendees shared their experiences, uncertainties, and positive stories about communicating with people with disabilities. In addition, the societal position and rights of young people from marginalized/vulnerable groups (with an emphasis on orphans and those with physical and mental disabilities) were discussed.

Film Caravan in Zrenjanin

Filmski karavan u Zrenjaninu As part of the Youth Entrepreneurship – Public Performance and Communication Seminar held in Zrenjanin during the first week of November for coordinators of 17 youth offices in Serbia, a screening of Silvija Pašajlić's film The Brighter Side of Life (winner of the 2009 Most Stimulating Film Award at the Seize This Day with Me! Film Festival) was held. Afterwards, attendees had the chance to talk about developing and stimulating entrepreneurship among young people with disabilities.